150+ Simple Designs for Mehndi – You’ll Love

Everyone knows about the beautiful, complex, and simple mehndi arts that people have been putting on their hands and feet since ancient times in Asian countries, especially India. This article will explore simple henna patterns that are a hit among Indian ladies.

But very few people can make such amazing and extremely intricate mehndi patterns. And this is why there are simple designs for Mehndi for common people like you and me.

Our team compiled a ready-made list of effortless mehndi designs with amazing real photos depending on the occasion, patterns, parts of the body, and popular mehndi styles.

Simple & Beautiful Mehndi Designs

Easy and simple minimal mehndi design for girls

Mehndi is beyond art; it is an art that moves across many cultures for the mark it leaves in each of them. Mehndi is not simply a design. It is indeed a treasured custom that has strong symbolism associated with it.

Easy And Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Moreover, it serves as a symbol of happiness when it comes to happy moments such as weddings, religious holidays, and other important functions or festivals. However, it is perceived by others as an amulet that brings good fortune and stays away from bad vibes.

Simple And Easy back hand Mehndi Design

Easy and Beautiful Mehndi Designs

very simple arabic mehndi design for front hands

We are going to amaze you with some super pretty and very simple henna designs. We are referring to designs that are easy enough to be done by a beginner.

round shape simple mehndi design

Simple yet Beautiful Designs in Mehndi

If you’re preparing for a major occasion or function and would like to have an amazing mehndi design without having to spend hours going over complicated patterns. That is why we have this huge collection of very simple mehndi designs on our hands, fingers, and feet.

Best mandala simple minimal henna mehndi design

What are these simple mehndi designs for? They bring together chicness with ease in such a way that you turn out gorgeous hands without spending too much time.

Simple mandala and fingers henna design
henna mehndi designs simple Eid mehndi
simple back hand mandala mehndi design
back hand henna simple design
Latest back hand mehndi designs for girls
simple back hand mehndi design cover finger
Beautiful and simple square mehndi design for backhand
latest new easy backhand mehndi design
finger simple design for mehndi
simple kids mehndi design
Beautiful and simple best mehndi design

Easy & Elegant Simple Designs in Mehndi for Every Occasion

beautiful and elegant back hand simple mehndi design
Simple Mehndi Designs 2024
simple yet easy beautiful Mehndi design
Very easy full hand mehndi design for front hands
very beautiful and minimally simple mandala mehndi design

Photos of Simple Designs for Mehndi

Prepare yourself to be left in complete WOW by the simplicity and beauty of these simple mehndi designs. From small sensitive flower designs to large explicit mandalas of Mehndi on your hands.

circle mehndi designs
easy and simple mehndi designs
mehndi designs simple designs
finger designs of mehndi
basic designs of mehndi
simple designs for mehndi
arabic mehndi designs simple
easy simple mehndi designs
simpal mehndi dizain
easiest mehndi designs
bridal mehndi designs simple
mehandi basic designs

Top Basic Mehndi Designs for Front-Hand

We found those simple henna designs, even though we checked our closest friends’ hands to see if they had henna on them. Sometimes simple mehndi designs are unique and most elementary templates will help you come up with your ideas. Check out our favorites!

DON’T MISS: 200+ Stylish Front Hand Mehndi Designs

front hand simple mehndi design
beginner cute simple mehndi designs for front hands
easy front hand mehndi design
front hand beginner easy mehndi designs
front hand mehndi design easy
front hand mehndi design simple
front mehndi design easy and beautiful
front simple mehndi design
mehandi designs simple front hand
mehandi designs simple front hand (2)
front full hand mehndi design
royal front hand mehndi design
mehndi designs for front hand
arabic mehndi design front hand
easy arabic mehndi designs front hand

Simple Backhand Mehndi Designs

Traditional Simple Mehndi Designs can appear a bit non-global at some point! Do not worry friends. Below you will find something completely new on how this could be done: we have an exclusively new and simple Mehendi design collection, which looks vibrant, great, and is not difficult to draw.

backhand mehndi designs
back hand design mehndi
mehendi back hand design
easy back hand mehndi design
mehandi designs simple back hand
mehndi design simple back hand

Those traditional mehndis sometimes tend to look a bit tired for a few people. But, I am happy to present you with this stunning collection of fresh and trendy Simple Designs for Mehndi.

Just imagine walking into your best buddy’s wedding wearing an amazingly simple yet stylish mehndi design that says; “Here I am, do I look cool?

simple back hand mehndi design
stylish back hand mehndi design
arabic back hand mehndi design
easy mehndi designs for back hand

You no longer need to spend hours perfecting your mehndi designs only so that you can make a good fashion statement by using new simple mehndi designs on your beautiful hands.

easy mehndi design back hand
easy arabic mehndi design back hand

You may be thinking that Simple Designs for Mehndi will look boring. Yes, may be, but, They are far from dull, but look like tiny masterpieces created with too much ease.

circle mehndi design back hand
back hand simple mehndi design

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands (Friends GupShup)

Just wait until your friends start gushing over your fantastic henna mehndi; it’s the best way to fetch attention for yourself without having to say a word.

easy full hand mehndi design
front mehndi design easy and beautiful
flower mehndi design simple
mehandi basic designs
easy mehndi designs for back hand

Simple Designs in Mehndi for Girls

The most beautiful and simple henna mehndi designs for girls from all over the world. Be it fine vine patterns or the best geometric or floral designs, these henna patterns will make you feel like a queen.

full hand mehndi design easy and beautiful
front simple mehndi design
full hand simple mehndi design
easy mehndi design front hand
easy front hand mehndi design

Mehndi Designs: A Simple and Beautiful Look

Who would say simple mehndi patterns are not attractive? We are here finally breaking this so-called myth by presenting you with our best collection of simple and beautiful mehndi designs.

Be ready to fall in love with these beautiful yet simple mehndi designs; they range from intricate leafy motifs to sharp-edged figures that are proof that there are moments when less is more.

flower mehndi design
front hand simple mehndi design
easy palm mehndi design
front mehndi designs
easy mehndi arabic design

Fresh Simple New Mehndi Design

The beauty and simplicity of these simple hand Mehendi designs are just breathtaking. The proof lies in those designs, from taking small floral shapes to very big figures, securing the fact that sometimes, less is more.

arabic mehndi designs new
easy latest mehndi design
arabic mehndi design latest
mehndi design simple new
mehendi design latest
simple mehndi design new
new and simple mehndi design

Easy Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are epitomes of cultural elegance and beauty. But we all know how exhausting it can be trying to master all those complicated motifs. You don’t have to go through that with easy Arabic mehndi designs; they bring all the glitz without any of the stress.

mehandi arabic design simple
arabic mehndi design simple
arabic henna designs simple
easy arabic mehndi designs
arabic mehndi design front hand
easy arabic henna designs
mehndi simple arabic designs for hands

Intricate Mehndi Design

arabic mehndi simple

This photograph up there shows the detailed Mehndi and Henna design on a beautiful palm and also their fingers, the one she has. The design contains ornate floral designs including curling tendrils, some leaves, plus one central flower design. Isn’t it just amazing Mehndi’s design?

Traditional Mehndi Design

arabic design mehndi simple

The image shows a forearm with a traditional mehndi design on it. These amazing sleek designs are made of thin lines, zigzags, and patterns like leaves, which are placed in horizontal strips along the wrist and hand.

Geometric Pattern with Diamond Shape

arabic front hand mehndi design

This complex geometric pattern with diamond shapes that border flowers can be found within this henna art piece which is at the front and back part of a hand and fingers.

Floral Mandala-Style Pattern

stylish arabic mehndi design

This amazing-looking Mehndi design has a detailed floral mandala-style pattern that is quite large. The design contains some fine lines together with some details whereby the petals emanate from the center.

Leaf and Floral Patterns

easy arabic mehndi designs front hand

In this Mehndi photo designs are seen on the fingers with leaf and floral patterns. The palm has a central motif of a bunch of leaves and floral plagiarism. With rose buds sprinkled over; located at the center and on the fingers.

Some Unique Simple Mehndi Designs

simple arabic henna
arabic simple henna designs
simple mehandi arabic designs
simple mehndi design beginners
simple mehndi patterns for beginners
arabic mehndi design simple and easy
easy arabic mehndi design back hand

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about 150+ Simple Designs for Mehndi – You’ll Love

How long does it take to dry Mehndi?

Mehndi takes 1 to 2 hours to fully dry your hands, depending on the temperature, and paste thickness.

Can pregnant women apply for Mehndi?

Yes, since Mehndi is made from a real henna tree which is a natural plant, pregnant women can use it. However, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking any further action.

Can Mehndi cause any allergic reaction to the hands or feet?

Few people may experience an allergic reaction to either the chemicals added to the mehndi pastes or pure henna. We suggest that before applying it, it is wise that you apply a small amount of mehndi on the skin to check for any reaction.

Can we increase the life span of Mehndi?

Yes. Avoiding exposure to water and cleaning it with mild soap can save Mehndi on your hands for a few more days. Regularly apply moisturizing chemicals like mehendi cream etc.

Can we apply Mehndi to the hair or scalp?

Yes. You can apply mehndi on your hair or scalp. Still, the secret is to get pure henna ahead of time, apply it correctly, and rinse it off when it’s time.

*All Images Credit: Pinterest

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