105+ Trendy French Nail Designs to Try in 2024 – Black Tips, Glitter & More

This trend of French Nail Design is currently the talk of the town. Trust me when I say that be it a simple or a full-on glam. There is always a French mani suitable for all types of ladies. Get excited because we have the most incredible collection ever seen with 105+ Trendy French Nail Designs to Try in 2024!

Simple French Nail Designs

French nail arts have existed for years so they are not boring at all these days. These Nail art have changed till they appear as timeless ones which are very creative. Endless options exist here ranging from simple up to something wild and crazy.

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Take a closer look at some of the most trending French designs that will leave you breathless!

Simple French Nail Designs
easy french tips for short nails
french nail design
easy nail designs french tips
easy french tip nail designs for beginners
cute simple french tip nails

French Nail Designs 2024

French Nail Designs with Glitter: Who wouldn’t want to sparkle a bit? Glitter French nails give your fingers the right shine. Whether you choose a soft glitter or one that gradually decreases in strength, these nails would be an attention grabber.

french nail art with glitter
french tip nails with glitter
french ombre nails with glitter
french nail designs with glitter
french manicure with glitter
sparkly french tip nails

Coffin Shape French Nails: Do you like modern and edgy styles? If so, then you will like how these nail designs look on coffin-shaped nails. These nails have a way of being dramatic and classy which makes them good for creating the perfect French manicure canvas.

coffin shape french nails
ballerina shaped french nails
french coffin nails
coffin nails
coffin shape french nails
brown french tip nails coffin shape

Jewel-Toned: White typically likes classic French nails, but why should we not incorporate some color into them? If you wish to improve on them, you might consider jewel-toned accents of deep blues, emerald greens, or ruby reds for your French nails. Just try out different colors and see which one suits you best!

jewel toned nails
nail design by jewel type
jewel type nail designs
jewel tone nail designs

Negative Space: There are times when simplicity communicates best through simplicity; pointedly in the case of less nail art using negative space. The negative space at the top of some nails can be used to make them appear more striking at other times.

negative space nails
negative space nail art
space nails
space nail stickers
negative space nail stamping plates

French Nails with Floral Designs: If you’re a nature lover, you’re going to love French nails with floral designs. From delicate daisies to bold roses, these nails have just the right amount of lightness in them.

floral design nail art
floral nail art design
flower nail art
floral design nails
flower art nail
flower design nail art
floral nail design

Need some more ideas on what to do with your French manicure?

Try some cool French nail ideas somewhere between edgy black minimal designs on French tips and a fun 3D look on the nails popping out. Just keep going as this time the article covers everything you may need.

design flower on nails
flower design nails
floral nail art

Glitter French Nails

Glitter is an excellent method of adding some shine to a French manicure. This will make your nails shiny like diamonds irrespective of whether you decide on entirely glittered tips or merely an outlined glitz look. A nude base and rose gold glitter can also be applied softly.

french manicure glitter ombre
sparkly french manicure
french tip nail designs with glitter
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If you want attention-grabbing nails, try using black tips with silver glitter touches that sparkle brightly up against the darkness at night. There are so many ways to make this traditional design!

glitter french nails
classy french manicure with glitter
nail french glitter
french nails glitter tips

Almond Shape French Nail Designs

If you adore the appearance of long almond-shaped nails, then a French manicure is the best way to show off that beautiful nail shape. The shape of almond nails makes it possible to make very cute crooked French tips on them.

french almond nails
Almond Shape French Nail Designs
french tip nails almond
almond french tip nails
french tip almond
almond shape french tip
almond french tip

French Nail Art – Trendy Designs

Stripes are currently trending in the world of nails. They make French nails look contemporary and neat! Experiment with various widths or shades.

stripes nails
gel nail stripes
fingernail stripes
striped fingernails

Match fine, clear stripes against thick solid ones; go even further by creating wavy lines across the end of a colored fingernail. Using stripe patterns alone may turn every one of your nails into a masterpiece.

white stripe in fingernail
vertical black line on nail
red stripes on fingernails
gel nails stripes

Black French Nail Designs

Having black French tips on your fingers will make them look dark and mysterious which would be perfect for the ladies considered to be cool. Although you might like to have a nice one. The matte black French style is stylish and elegant when applied on short and round nails.

black design for nails
Black French Nail Designs
black design nail art
black color nail design

This style can be made bolder by applying black French tips on extra-long coffins or stilletoes. Simply use some fingernail jewelry or 3D charms to make it more appealing.

nails with black design
black color nail art
3D charms black nails
black nail designs

Colored French Art with French Tips

Currently, colored French tips are also trending. Fresh and contemporary French mani is provided by any splash of color spread on its tips, starting from neon to pastel. For summer nails, hot pinks, sunny yellows, and bold greens look perfect.

colored french tips
Colored French Art
nail art ideas for french tips

Another option is sporting a shimmery, fancy French tip. Which changes shades as you look at them like Rose Gold goddess vibes from within! Not as boring as plain white?

white french tip nails
Amazing Facts Hindi
short french tip nails
Amazing Facts Hindi

French Tip with Color

There are countless possibilities for unique French nail tip designs. If you want to raise the level of glamour or express your inner wild side, try these stylish French designs for an eye-catching effect!

When you head to the nail shop again, turn your back on the dull classic form of nail do and test out one of these alternatives. You will not regret it – plus neither will anyone else seeing them on your Instagram profile.

french tip nail with designs
pink french tip nails
blue french nails
glitter french tip nails
blue french mani
french white nails
french ombre nail
french tip nails design
color french mani

French Nail Design Pictures

black nail art
matte black French style
black nail art designs

French Tip Nails with Glitter

These French tip nails are adorned in glitter. Young girls throughout the evening and even at formal events would find this very attractive.

french glitter nail art
french nails with sparkles
french manicure glitter nails

Pro Tip: For a more understated look, consider pairing them with a transparent foundation and featuring just a hint of shimmer at their ends.

Trendy French Nail Designs Pinterest
Trendy French Nail Designs Pinterest

All Images Credit: Pinterest

FAQs: Nail French Art

Q1: Are French nails still in fashion?
A1: Yes! The classic nail look of a French manicure never entirely goes out of fashion. Colored tips and enhancements that are unique among other modern French nail designs make it still sound like a current fashion thing.

Q2: What is the difference between a French pedicure and a French manicure?
A2: When it comes to fingernails, a French manicure refers to a nail-polish design characterized by light-colored tips and a different colorant.

Q3: What is the duration that French nails can last?
A3: French manicures can last for up to 2 weeks when done using normal nail polish. But with gel, dip powder, and acrylic French nails then their longevity would be between 3 to 4 weeks with proper care involved in addition to the fact that nails would also have grown.

Q4: Which nail shapes go well with French tips?
A4: Oval, squaval, and almond-shaped nails are some of the different types upon which French manicures appear nice. Although there are many others such as coffin nails. At the same time, round, square, or even stiletto-shaped ones could work out.

Q5: Can I complete French nails by myself?
A5: Yes. You can make use of unique kits for nail polish meant for French Manicure or even tape the edges of your nails. Just don’t rush to apply the polish, instead, let the colors be well-defined and the lines should also be neat so that you get a professional look.

Q6: What should I do so that my French nails will have a long life?
A6: Buy a good basecoat and topcoat to shield them. Also, ensure that harsh chemicals as well as actions that might end up scratching off or peeling off.

Q7: What is the best nail shape for French nails?
A7: There are different nail shapes that French nail designs look beautiful on. These range from the classical oval to the modern squaval, depending on one’s preference.

Q8: Is it possible for me to give French nail designs a mix-and-match?
A8: Definitely! Just try out several colors, patterns, and accents to come up with a particular style.

Q9: Are French nails suitable for special occasions?
A9: Absolutely! French nails easily suit themselves to dressing up or down for every event, be it a formal ceremony or simply an informal day.

Final Words

Remember to have fun and love your style for nailing these trends. This is because French nail designs provide a wide range of choices both for simple and classy looks and for those who love flashy colors like pink or blue.

You need to take your nail polish and do something creative with it. Can you imagine how a very basic French manicure may have turned into a total winner? These original ideas for the French nail art style include sharp-colored French tips as well as fully polished ones with jewelry on top.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of glam nails, be sure to check out our Mehndi Design section

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